Lucky Stars Media is a content creation company specializing in talent discovery and format creation 


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People. Passion. Purpose.

We produce content with purpose.

We work with creators, dreamers and doers who seek to inspire, challenge and change.

  • Home Town (HGTV)
    Home Town (HGTV)
    Ben and Erin Napier restored houses for new residents in their beloved town of Laurel, Mississpippi.
  • No Demo Reno (HGTV)
    No Demo Reno (HGTV)
    Social media star Jenn Todryk help homeowners transform their house without any major demolition.


Lucky Stars is a fiercly talent centered production and development company. Collectively the founders have developed over 100 hours of television including such shows as the mega-hit Home Town on HGTV, No Demo Reno (HGTV), Troppo (IMDB), Big Timber (Netflix), Mom and Me (HGTV), Holiday Cookie Builds (Cooking Channel), Off the Grid On the Beach (HGTV), Selling the Big Easy (HGTV), the paranormal show Ghost Loop (TRVL) and Unboxed with Nikki Chu (Aspire) among many others.